Welcome to the Zimwiz.com hosting for the new children of the family.

The NEW Girl

Recently there was a girl added to the set. A page is coming about her. I have asked several people several times for pictures and information, but things have not come to me. I can tell you her first name is Violet, but I don't recall all of the many other names.

Update: 8/30/2002 I still think there is a genuine interest in having this information up here, but then I never know. I won't post their email address since my requests for information has gone unanswered, however the high amount of traffic to this server since she was born indicates there is a genuine interest in the subject... who knows.

I wouldn't reccomend you keep checking back, my bandwidth is limited and I'm getting close to just posting a "Go Away, There's Nothing To See Here" message and toss the whole idea of hosting of their information.

The Boy

Ok, I still have the origonal page about my sister's first kid. Here's a link to the page that used to be here so you can see pictures and stats about that child.

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