Welcome to the information page about the new little guy. I am Charlie Zimmerman, the uncle of the newborn, and I have setup this web site to post pictures and information about the child.

The Numbers

The baby was born on 11/28/2000 at 5:11 PM. The weight of 9 pounds 0 oz. and a length of 22 inches was recorded. It was a delivery by c-section, but I don't have exact details on the when/how/why of that so when the Dad gets up some sleep and emails me what he'd like here you'll know more.

Name Explanation

I guess explaining as best I can what all of the different parts of the name signify. So, here's a chart that I hope helps!

Azzurro Italian word for light blue (Bret's favorite color is blue).
Thomas Bret's middle name. Bret's father's first name. Bret's Grandfather's name (Actually his grandfather's middle name).
Irie Jamaican word for happy or feeling good. The parent's honeymoon was in Jamaica.
Dragon The year of birth (2000) is the year of the Golden Dragon on the Chinese calendar. According to Chinese tradition it is thought that the year of the dragon is the best year to have a male child.
Bumble The parents chose "Bumble" as a gender-neutral name to refer to the baby as a fetus. It was chosen based on the movie Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer. As Yukon Cornelius said in the cartoon, "Everyone knows, Bumbles bounce!" Apparently the name stuck and has found a home into the full name of the child.
Spider Beth has always liked spiders.
Azul Spanish for blue.
Zimmerman Beth's given last name.
Cadmus Bret's last name.


I divided the baby pictures into categories of the people/places/things that are also in the shot. This is easy to screw up so forgive me, ok? As more and more pictures flood in I occasionally divide up the divisions to make it easier for the people with the slow connectsion out there.
From Bret (these are the new pictures, posted April 29, 2001)
Azzurro Bret (dad) Beth (mom)
Joanne (grandmother - mother's side) Cal (grandfather - mother's side) Edith "Neen" (great grandmother - mother's side)
The New Family Charlie (uncle - mother's side) Others (like the nurse)
Cliff and Kelly

Recent News

New Layout
I just posted 6 more new directories of pictures in the "From Bret" area - so go check them out if you haven't already.

The Girl's Name

Violet Beth's favorite color is purple, but as the name explaination sheet I was provided states, "naming a girl purple would be silly, wouldn't it?"
Lilac see Violet
Ella Beth has always liked Cinderella. Ella is Cinderella's real name.
Buttercup In the movie The Princess Bride, the heroine is Princess Buttercup.
Bumble See the boy's name for this one...
Bonita This is the Spanish word for pretty.
Cadmus See the boy's name for this one, but notice the switch in order...
Zimmerman See the boy's name for this one, but notice the switch in order...

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