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To help our customers and other users of the Internet we have assembled some free downloads from our site, and links to other sites.


I download lots of different Linux distribution iso's. Here's what I happen to have on my system right now (note: unless you email me or something these things will only stay as long as I feel like it). I have the upload speeds on these files set to somewhere in the range of slow to discourage choking my bandwidth out to the Internet... You can find these iso's on very high speed mirrors all around the world. I mostly put them there so friends and family can request burns of the images. And so I can download them at 100MB on the internal connection... To keep the bandwidth happy and free, I tend to set the permissions on new releases so the world can not view them - sorry.


Those of you with accounts on our systems should be connecting with an ssh client. This keeps us and you secure. If you haven't done so already, please download an ssh client for your operating system from the official SSH Download Page.

Or, if you prefer to NOT pay for an ssh client, or have it time bomb out, you can download putty from either the official web site or from my download area.


VI iMproved
I can't say enough good things about this great editor, so I highly encourage others to get it and use it! The official vim website leaves much to be desired when it comes to downloading, so to help it the program out there I have posted local copies (not mirrors) of the versions I have dowonloaded and installed.

For windows: download both of these files: gvim58.zip and vim58rt.zip. Then unzip them to the same directory (don't worry, they don't overwrite anything) and run the install program - I highly reccomend using the color text highlighting, but some might find it annoying.

For unix: download both of these files: vim-5.8-rt.tar.gz and vim-5.8-src.tar.gz. Then unzip and untar them to the same directory (don't worry, they don't overwrite anything), compile, and run the install program (make install). To get the coloring (ie bolding in console view and color in the gui you need to add file ".vimrc" to your home directory with these contents:

:set dir=~/tmp

"if &t_Co > 1
set background=dark
syntax on

Also, be sure that your permissions on /usr/local/share are set ok for your use.

Brood Wars

For those of you who play Brood Wars online (either with me or against me) these things should be of help:

I have begun saving replays of online battles and posting them, not that this is of major importance to the world, but my friends might get a kick out of it. I put the files here for your enjoyment!

Something from Rich to pick the server: BattleNet Optimizer.
(I have a mirror of a version of this program here but I didn't make it nor do I know if I have the latest version mirrored here so check his site first).

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