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Some of our personel and customers have put some of their sites online with our servers. Below is a list of their sites.

Charlie Zimmerman That's me, the site owner, operator, user, and abuser....
Joanna Gleason Well, okay, so she doesn't really have a home page (here or anywhere that I know of), but I maintain one in her honor so I'll post a link to it from here.
Kelly Pino Just like Joanna, Kelly doesn't actually have a page here either. She's another actress that I think is neat, and I run a page for her.
Shelly Wenrich Shelly finally has her Lucy site operating again, and I do all of the web design for it.
Big Floppy Donkey... The uhhh site kinda speaks for itself, doesn't it?
Elegancia Elegancia is THE site for society matchmaking needs. Well, according to the bio for Muriel Eubanks (Joanna Gleason).
Chessie Kitty Chessie is my cat, and while his HTML sometimes needs help, he runs his own site. I just take the pictures since he has no thumbs to hold the camera.
Reading T-1 Perhaps my biggest love is trains: model trains, big trains, any trains. And my absolute favorite train of all is the Reading T-1 4-8-4 engine. So, I run a site about that.
Jeff Sener Jeff Sener is maintaining a family gallery.
Holly Holly is another fan of Joanna Gleason and she has some space here for her personal photo gallerly.

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