ZIMWIZ is not a business! (yet)

We are NOT an Internet based security company!

My provider limits my type of connection to only home use - and if you actually look around the site you may notice that this site is pretty much content free (tm). If you call running a banner free and content free site with pages of your friends and family a business then I'd like to know when my first check gets here! I haven't made a dime off of this venture. Sure, I would like to, and the precise instant that such a thing occurs - trust me - I'll be the furthest from my provider I can get!!!

If you are interested in making this site into my real goal when I got the domain name (a neat news site - email me for details) then please let me know how you can help with $$ (I have help for coding and ideas - I just need the duckets to do all that coding and such.)

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