Linda Cohn 
From: LeRoy Cheek  Wed Sep 3 01:23:04 2008
I have always enjoy watching and listening to Miss Cohn. I truly like her reportings and her humor too. She is the main reason I watch ESPM. And she is a very beautiful lady. This picture prove it. Thank you Linda Take care. Sincerely, LeRoy Cheek


Linda Cohn of ESPNs Sportcenter in Jordan Hare Stadium ath  the Georgia Tech Aubrun game  
From: DENNIE  Fri Aug 14 05:22:59 2009


From: DENNIE  Fri Aug 14 05:19:37 2009

From: mike s.  Thu Aug 27 18:43:05 2009
so sexy

From: Eric  Wed Jan 4 15:05:50 2012
I agree dennie


From: Robert  Thu Feb 5 14:59:12 2009
Very hot picture. Linda gets better with time.

From: pantyhosedaddy  Wed Feb 17 14:22:28 2010
linda in black pantyhose boots!!! sexxxxxxxy!!!!

From: Earl  Mon Mar 8 12:07:50 2010
Tony Kornheiser and all the rest of the haters out there need to keep there mouths shut about the ESPN ladies. I wish Ms. Cohn had been allowed to fill his seat while he was on suspension. Nothing against Hannah but Linda is incredible!

From: Scott  Wed Jan 4 15:16:27 2012
Hottest sportscaster on tv


From: dennie thomas  Fri Aug 28 14:57:39 2009
looks like an angel


From: cwjam  Sat Jan 12 10:49:55 2008
I've always thought she's had very hot legs. This pic proves it.

From: mike s.  Thu Aug 27 18:45:33 2009
ur so hot

From: Brad  Tue Dec 22 11:45:26 2009
Yeah, she looks damn good in a skirt.

From: Joe  Sun Sep 5 04:50:34 2010
Wow! A revelation in short skirt and heels.

From: Leo  Tue Jan 11 16:02:21 2011
I hear her splendid commentary much better when she wears heels and a short skirt; I dislike women in boots. Love when she displays her great legs!

From: Eric  Wed Jan 4 15:00:53 2012
Amazing!!!!!!! enough said


From: mike s.  Thu Aug 27 18:47:07 2009
lost 4 words

From: pantyhosedaddy  Wed Feb 17 14:20:44 2010
i love linda's pantyhose legggggs!!!

From: Earl  Mon Mar 8 12:11:51 2010
All right its official I am in love with Linda Cohn! I want to beat Mr. Met up. Keep doing what you are doing Ms. Cohn. When you aren't on Sports Center its just not the same. Not only are you beautiful but you know your sh-t! I've got to get a poster of this picture!


cohn sweet  
From: linda cohn  Fri Aug 14 05:11:48 2009
got to be best picture ever. The best football team and the hottest sportcaster.WOW.

From: dennie thomas  Tue Aug 18 06:09:18 2009
1st message was from me not linda lol


From: Eric  Wed Jan 4 15:15:17 2012
Hottest sportscaster on tv!


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Linda Cohn with Stanley Cup  
From: dennie thomas  Tue Aug 18 06:12:29 2009
i wish i was that stanley cup. WOW lindas sexy.


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